General rental conditions


It is important that you are aware of the contents of these reservation and rental conditions. These terms and conditions specify the rights and obligations of you and Strandzicht Verhuur B.V.

Booking a vacation property can be done online on the website, by phone or by e-mail. All forms of reservation are binding. If the vacation object is available in the desired period, it will be reserved in your name. The reservation will be confirmed by e-mail. 

The reservation fee is per accommodation. If you are obliged to cancel the reservation(s), these costs are not refundable. 

Upon receipt of your reservation confirmation you must notify us of any changes regarding your reservation by e-mail. In case your change is such that Strandzicht Verhuur needs to make a new reservation confirmation, a change fee will be charged. This fee will be charged to you on your new confirmation and is not refundable under any circumstances.

No later than 6 weeks before the arrival date of the object you reserved, you can change your reservation for another vacation object. A change fee will be charged. Excluded from this are last minute bookings, or bookings made within 6 weeks before arrival. Conditions are the same length of stay and timely notification of the intended change. If you have not met these requirements, the cancellation fee will be charged. 

On your reservation confirmation the payment terms are mentioned. The 1st payment (40% of the total rent) is due within 7 days after receipt of the reservation confirmation. The 2nd payment must be credited to the account of Strandzicht Verhuur no later than 6 weeks before arrival.

Any additional charges on site will be indicated, to the extent possible, in the description of your vacation property, as well as on your booking confirmation. 

If an agreement is cancelled, the tenant will owe the following cancellation fee in addition to the reservation and administration fee due (€75): 
- Cancellation must be confirmed by e-mail within 48 hours after notification by telephone. 
- In case of cancellation up to the 42nd day before arrival: you will owe Strandzicht Verhuur BV 20% of the travel sum. 
- In case of cancellation from the 42nd day until the 28th day before arrival: you will owe Strandzicht Verhuur BV 50% of the travel sum. 
- In case of cancellation from the 28th day to the 14th day before the date of arrival: you will owe Strandzicht Verhuur BV 90% of the travel sum. 
- In the event of cancellation 2 weeks before the day of arrival or later, you will owe Strandzicht Verhuur BV the full travel sum. 
Should Strandzicht Verhuur BV be forced for whatever reason to cancel the vacation home you have reserved, the following rules and obligations will be observed: 
- Strandzicht Verhuur BV will first inform you of the cancellation by telephone, followed by a written confirmation. 
- Strandzicht Verhuur BV undertakes to offer an equivalent or better vacation object as an alternative.
- Strandzicht Verhuur BV will try to offer the alternative under the same conditions (read: rent and extra costs) but cannot guarantee this. If the tenant does not accept the alternative or if Strandzicht Verhuur BV cannot offer a suitable or equivalent alternative, the holiday price already paid will be refunded immediately to the account of the tenant. The tenant may not derive any further rights than the amount already refunded. 

- We advise you to take out cancellation insurance. 

On the day of arrival you can move into your vacation object between 15.00-17.00 hours. In case of arrival later than 17.00 hours, the keys will be placed in a key safe. Upon departure, your vacation object must be left broom-clean before 10:00 am. If you leave too late, you will be charged for this.

The owner/landlord of the vacation property is at liberty from Strandzicht Verhuur BV to provide the tenant and/or fellow travelers with house rules. Strandzicht Verhuur BV advises the tenant to respect these regulations regarding the use of your vacation home and everything else. 

The person who made the reservation and whose name, address and residence are listed on the reservation confirmation is jointly and severally liable. 
- During your stay in the vacation home, you and/or your fellow travelers are responsible for any damage, whether intentional or accidental, caused to the vacation home and/or its inventory. The owner/landlord will recover the resulting damage from you and your fellow travelers. If the damage is not, or not satisfactorily settled by the owner / lessor, Strandzicht Verhuur BV reserves the right to act as a mediator in the name and at the expense of Strandzicht Verhuur BV even after your vacation has ended. These possible costs will be recovered from the tenant and their fellow travelers. 
- Strandzicht Verhuur BV is not liable for any construction activities/noise nuisance in the direct vicinity of your vacation home, as well as limited opening hours of restaurants, entertainment and sports facilities.

It is not allowed to occupy the vacation object with more persons than agreed upon on your reservation confirmation. Persons visiting you during your vacation can only stay overnight if Strandzicht Verhuur BV gives permission. We are a family park and therefore not suitable for groups of youth, if at check-in it is a group of youth, we are forced to charge an extra deposit for this (this must be paid on the spot). 

We have no problem if you bring your dog(s). Of course we reasonably expect that your pet(s) will not cause any nuisance to fellow residents of our park or beach visitors. We also expect you to clean up droppings, vomit, hair of shedding dogs, etc. yourself. We charge € 5.00 per dog per night for extra cleaning costs. Dogs are of course NOT allowed in the shower, on the couch, beds or other furniture. Should dog hair be found here, it will be thrown away and the renewal will be deducted from deposit, as well as other damage and soiling. We like to keep the cottages tidy for all guests. It is not recommended to leave a dog alone in the cottage. Dogs must be leashed in the park.