The dark, cold days are just around the corner and before you know it it will be Christmas again. How nice is it to celebrate the holidays with your family and friends in a cozy holiday home.

Christmas is one of the most loved and celebrated family celebrations. In a holiday home, everyone can immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere and enjoy the magic of Christmas without worry. Traditionally, Christmas is the occasion for everyone, family and friends, to enjoy a delicious meal around a festive table and to give each other gifts. That heartwarming atmosphere is only enhanced by the winter season. Not only because you sit together around the fire for hours, but also through beautiful, snow-covered dunes and bulb fields.

If you are already thinking about your Christmas holidays and want to escape the daily routine for the occasion, renting a holiday bungalow is the ideal solution for young and old. The warm feeling of seeing all your family members together and spending pleasant moments with them. So if you feel like celebrating Christmas in nature and in a special way, a holiday in one of our cozy bungalows is an idea to seriously consider.


With the family, friends, relatives and your four-legged friend

Instead of the whole family coming over during the Christmas season, a wonderful holiday in a holiday bungalow at Christmas...

Enjoy a cozy cottage during the Christmas holidays and relax. Spend quality time and enjoy a well-deserved holiday with family or friends this Christmas. A nice long weekend of fresh air on the beach of Julianadorp or enjoying each other indoors.