Villaparc Duynopgangh

The small-scale luxury Villaparc Duynopgangh is located just behind the dunes in the Kop van Noord-Holland in Julianadorp aan Zee.

The detached villas with a south-facing garden are the perfect base for a relaxing holiday. The park is characterized by beautiful beach villas with thatched roofs. The imposing dunes, wide and clean sandy beaches and unspoiled nature offer you a carefree beach life with hours of beach walks in an environment with the most hours of sunshine in the Netherlands. There is a modern beach pavilion on the beach, which is open all year round for a tasty snack and/or drink. You will also find plenty of peace and space in the varied polder landscape around this park. In the spring, vast flower bulb fields near the park are in bloom and you can enjoy all the splendor of colours.